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The benefits of CBCT scanning

Cone Beam CT scans offer benefits to you and your patients across the following areas:

Dental Implants: The quality of CBCT scans allows you to plan and place dental implants much more accurately, offering you benefits in diagnosis through to treatment and post-op examinations.

Orthodontic: Cone beam images are clear and accurate, allowing for improved orthodontic diagnosis and treatment as you can assess tooth relationships much more accurately and plan accordingly.

Impaction: CBCT gives you a precise 3D view of impacted molars within the alveolar bone, showing their position in regards to adjacent teeth and proximity to vital structures such as the nerve canal, sinus walls and cortical borders.

Analysis: Cone Beam CT assists you in both detecting and evaluating possible problems for your patients, thanks to accurate measurements of bone and jaw deformities. This allows you to assess bone lesions and changes in the jaw, and detect cysts, tumours and disease.

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